Christmas tree decorations


Photo1DecorationsChristian Christmas tree decorations
Pick up a recent store catalogue and you will find advertisements for Christmas tree decorations including santas, baubles, snow flakes and owls. Decorations with Christian meaning, such as a nativity scene, are not included.

My article on making Christmas tree decorations has been published in the December 2014 issue (issue no. 178) of “The Australian Woodworker”.

This article includes six designs that represent specific Christian concepts. They should appeal to people who want to remember the story of Jesus when they look at their Christmas tree.

While the article is about making them from wood with a scroll saw, they can be made from any flat material. For example they can be cut from cardboard with a pair of scissors.

The Christian concept represented in each of the six designs is described below. Four of the decorations are shown in the above photograph and line drawings of the designs are included in the article in “The Australian Woodworker.”

Life of Jesus
combines a star and a cross to represent his life on earth. The star is the star that appeared over Bethlehem to herald his birth. The wise men who tracked that star believed that it heralded the birth of a new King of the Jews. The cross represents his death by crucifixion at Calvary outside Jerusalem.

Birth of Jesus
is the story of the birth the son of God as a human to live among us. Three abstract figures show Jesus as a baby with Mary his mother and Joseph his human step father.

Light of the World
develops the abstraction into a more complete nativity scene. The candle represents Jesus who came to be the light of the world. The sheep and dog represent the animals who attended his birth. One figure represents the shepherds to whom the angels appeared to announce his birth. The second figure represents the wise men who visited him to worship him as King of the Jews.

Son of Man
symbolises the belief that Jesus is both God and human. He was a direct decedent of King David, the most famous king of Israel. The star of David represents his heritage while the cross represents his purpose in coming to the earth to die as the Son of God to save people from their sins.

New life
picks up the ancient tradition of cutting an evergreen tree to place in the home at Christmas. In the dark, cold northern winter the green tree was a symbol of new life to look forward to in the spring. In Australian homes the Christmas tree is the place where gifts are given on Christmas day. The hand holding up the tree is the hand of God offering people the gift of new life when they believe in Jesus.

Love of God
combines the universal symbol of love with a baby. When Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus they remember how much God loves us.


  1. Well done Phil! Are you making/selling them? I too am frustrated by the lack of Christian decorations out there. Thanks Penny

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